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Benefits & Pay

 Pay & Benefits

Base Salaries

  • Date of Entry (Uncertified): $34,676.10
  • Date of Entry (Certified): $36,969.09
  • 12 months after DOE: $37,315.20
  • 18 months after DOE: $52,166.40 (Effective July 1, 2022)
  • Upon receiving a satisfactory evaluation, officers will receive additional step increases annually as follows: 
  • Step 2: $54,267.20
  • Step 3: $56,347.20
  • Step 4: $58,552.00
  • Step 5: $60,548.80
  • Step 6: $62,608.00
  • Step 7: $64,646.40
  • Step 8: $66,705.60
  • Step 9: $68,140.80
  • Step 10: $69,555.20


Accrued Leave: 

Officers currently enjoy a 9 and 5 work schedule. Officers work eight 9-hours days and one 8-hour day and then receive five consecutive days off. Vacation Leave is accrued as follows: <5 years of service-3.7 hours per pay period, more than 5 but <10 years of service-4.62 hours per pay period, and 10 years or more l receive 5.6 hours per pay period. Sick Leave is accrued at 3.7 hours per pay period. Officers will also be allowed to collect comp time for any overtime worked, up to 480 hours. 

Paid Holidays: 

All officers enjoy 12 paid holidays per year. 


Officers and their eligible family members enjoy medical, dental, life, and vision insurance at affordable rates. Speak to a recruiter for the most up-to-date premium information. The city also provides $60,000 worth of life insurance for each officer. 

Tuition Assistance: 

Tuition Assistance is available for eligible employees who have completed an approved degree from an eligible university. Speak to your recruiter for more information. 

College Incentive Pay: 

All officers receive college incentive pay for eligible college degrees. Associates Degree: $1200 per year. Bachelors Degree: $1800 per year. Masters Degree: $2400 per year.

Uniform Allowance: 

Officers who have completed probation will receive two uniform allowances per year for $390.00 each. These are paid in the first pay period in February and August of each year. 

Shift Differential Pay

Officers assigned to 2nd and 3rd shift will receive shift differential in the amount of $0.25 per hour.

Longevity Pay: 

Officers begin receiving longevity pay when they complete their 5th year of service. Longevity pay is $50 per year of service. 

Take-Home Vehicle Program: 

Officers who have completed all necessary requirements will be eligible to take home their assigned unit if they live within 13 miles of the city limits of Del City. This benefit is subject to vehicle availability. 


 All officers are members of the Oklahoma State Police Pension and Retirement System. The retirement system allows officers to have a full retirement after 20 years of service. Retirement is listed at 50% of the officer’s base pay, adding 2.5% for every year spent after 20 years of service, maxing out at 30 years. This retirement is guaranteed at 20 years and is not age-based. The retirement system also allows vested officers to leave after 10 years of service. The officer can draw 25% pay but not until reaching 20 years of service or when the officer turns 50 years of age (whichever option is later).