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New Online Services Now Available!

Vacation Watch
Citizens can now submit Vacation watches online directly to the police department. In addition, if you provide an email address, you will receive email updates from the police department anytime that your home is checked and if there are any issues documented by the officer. 
At-Risk Resident
This tool allows citizens to input information on relatives with mental health issues or age-related illness for officers in the field. This information will be crucial for officers in the event they make contact with the person or if the person goes missing. 
Pet Management
This tool allows citizens to input information about their pets, including photos, so that they can be accessible by officers and animal control officers in the event they are missing or are found away from home. 
Citizen Reporting
This tool is something we are very excited about! This new program allows citizens to report certain crimes online without having to call the police department for assistance. The types of crimes that can be reported are limited, but we hope this will improve citizen's experience by making it easier to make these types of reports.