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October 2020 Ice Storm - Information and Helpful Links

October 2020 Ice Storm

Need updates on resources and news on the October ice storm? See our quick information below. This page is updated as more information is available. Still have questions? Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Debris on Streets

Report debris on streets to our nonemergency phone number: 405-677-2443


Debris on Property


Commercial properties (including apartment complexes, churches, schools, etc.) are responsible for their own debris removal. Please contact Public Works at 405-671-2874 with any questions or if assistance is needed.

OG&E or its contractors will remove tree branches interfering with power lines and stack the limbs on your curb.

For other debris on residential property, cut tree limbs into manageable sections. Stack them at the curb away from obstructions like poles, mailboxes, overhead wires, and trees. Do not place any debris over your water meter or on fire hydrants. Do not mix storm debris with items set out for regular bulky waste collection.

For major tree removal or trimming, like limbs and trunks leaning against property, consider hiring a qualified and bonded/insured tree trimming and removal company.

Crews will be by to pick up the limbs. You will not be charged. Once started, we expect that the process will take a significant amount of time. Thank you in advance for your patience. Code Enforcement is aware of the tree situation and will not be working complaints related to storm debris.

Please be careful when clearing trees near downed electrical lines. Do not attempt to remove tree limbs near an electrical line. Treat all downed electrical lines as live and contact OG&E via the information below.

Updates will be posted here when available.

Do not take tree debris to parks or other public property.

Your insurance may cover debris removal. For more information and FAQs, please see the Oklahoma Insurance Department's October Ice Storm Recovery Guide.



OG&E is restoring power throughout Del City. Visit for details.

Report power outages or downed power lines: 

If the power line or electric infrastructure connected to your house is damaged, you may need an electrician to make repairs before OG&E can restore power to your home. Contact an electrician or OG&E for more information, or see this graphic from OG&E. Click here for a current list of electricians licensed with Del City. The city has waived permit fees for all storm damage restoration.


How to help others

Donate to a charitable organization involved in disaster response: