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Patrol Division

Major Mike Arterbury is the Commander of the Patrol Division. The officers in the Patrol Division are divided up into three shifts for a 24 hour period. They are responsible for the preliminary investigation of calls for police service, accident investigations, traffic enforcement and crime prevention. The Patrol Division also is responsible for the Tactical Response Team (SWAT).


First Shift Second Shift Third Shift
0600 - 1500 1400 - 2300 2100 - 0600
Capt. Ed Holland (671-8852) Capt. Mike Gray (671-8853) Capt. Kenneth Rodgers (671-8854)
Lt. Shawn Courtney Lt. Matt Henry Lt. Brad Cowden
Sgt. Kyle Preston Ofc. Andrew Barr Sgt. Nathan Storts
Sgt. Jendrick Hille Ofc. Blake Reichert Ofc. Shawn Hogue
Ofc. Whitney Taylor Ofc. Chris Willis Ofc. Ronnie Neal
Ofc. Martine Singer Ofc. Chris Massey  Ofc. Allen Rush
Ofc. Don Wood Ofc. Kevin Parker Ofc. John Randolph
Ofc. Jeremy Albauer Ofc. Lewis Letton  Ofc. Rachel Fittler 
Ofc. Chris Griggs    

Jail Facility

The Jail Facility also falls under the responsibility of the Patrol Division. For information in in regards to matters relating to inmates and bond information please contact Dispatch at 405-671-8835.

Ride - Along - Program

The Del City Police Department does have a ride-along program where a citizen can ride with an officer on any shift for a maximum of four hours at a time. For those interested in this program , you must complete the necessary forms and turn them in to the Administrative Secretary. Please allow a minumum of five business days prior to your requested date for approval.